About to renovate – but where to start?


First, deciding on what style suits you best, and how you set about recreating it, can sometimes prove to be more difficult than first thought.  Of course, it’s difficult to plan exactly what you require and need if you are undecided on the look you prefer.  This is where sound professional and expert advice in the early stage of planning can help you take a closer look at different kinds of décor, ranging from contemporary to modern, and traditional to tranquil, proving you with a choice of options to suit you and the way you live and work.  Seeking help from a professional who is an expert in design and décor can play a huge part in proving you with:

  • Inspirational ideas
  • Planning that suits, the way you live and work
  • Providing help to enable you to achieve your goal
  • Most importantly, help you make the right choices.

Colour of course plays a vital role in the aspect of a place.  It is so powerful it can transform the quality of a room in terms of mood and proportion.  Some shades change dramatically in real or artificial lighting conditions; others can look very different on a vertical or horizontal surface.  Matt and shiny finishes can also make a tremendous difference.  Therefore, getting the colour scheme right with the style, design, layout and décor is so important.

Lighting is all too often overlooked, but plays a major part in creating the right atmosphere. To achieve the intended outcome can be quite challenging without professional help and advice.

Initially employing the services of an Interior Design Consultant during the planning stage is money well spent, but what can you expect from booking an on-site consultation with Interior Designs SA?

  • An assessment of the areas requiring attention
  • On-the-spot sound advice from a professional
  • Innovative solutions in ways which are clearly measured and controlled
  • Feed-back with recommendations
  • Peace of mind knowing you have looked at all possibilities before starting your project.

Everyone has different choices and Interior Designs SA aims to achieve and satisfy a client’s expectations.


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