As an Interior Designer I look forward to tackling a variety of projects.

Each individual design project presents its own challenges, giving me the opportunity to use all my available resources to reach your goal, on time and with in budget.  Everyone has different choices and Interior Designs SA aims to achieve and satisfy your expectations.

Most people would say that hiring the services of an Interior Designer is expensive and unnecessary.  However, time and money can be saved by discussing your plans and ideas with me in the early stages, and this will most certainly help you avoid making mistakes further on down the track.  In some cases, this advice is all that is needed to start your project.

Whether I am helping a family plan their dream home or advising small business owners wishing to renovate or remodel their premises – that first initial consultation is essential and very important. Decisions, particularly in the home, are not a short-term quick fix. For most of us they have to last a long time, so it’s well worth getting the best advice from the right person before you start.

My greatest reward occurs when a client tells me they have been really happy with the service I have provided and would have no hesitation in recommending my services to others. Trust plays a big part in the renovation journey, which starts when you contact me to arrange a free “Get to know you Meeting”