Making the right choices.


What would you consider to be the most important room in the house and probably the most expensive to renovate?


Yes, you would be right if you said the kitchen.

So getting it right in the planning stage is the number one priority.



Three of the biggest mistakes made in kitchen renovations are:

You think first about the design and colour but give little consideration to practical issues, such as storage solutions, workspace and lighting.

Lack of thought on how and who will use the kitchen.

Choosing the wrong options and finishes, e.g. marble bench-tops may be the trend, but there are other surfaces you should look at to make a comparison.

Your home is an investment – or at least an asset, probably both, but certainly not one we would all wish to be without, if we have a choice.

And what do we do with our investments?

Yes, you would be right if you said, “I would make sure I looked after it.”

Just by making simple alterations, renovations or adding a few special features, can not only be aesthetically pleasing to the eye and perhaps make it feel more comfortable, it can even add value to your property or home investment.

It is always a good idea to seek advice from someone in the know before embarking on a major project, or any alterations to your property.

By seeking the services of a professional:

  • It can help you spend your money more wisely – and we all want to do that I am sure.
  • It can take the pressure off yourself and avoid you wasting too much time making decisions about things you know very little about.
  • It will, of course, help you make the right decisions and avoid making mistakes further on down the track.

Major decisions for the home or office are not a short-term quick fix – for most of us they have to last for some time.

As a design consultant I believe in engaging and working with clients to reach their anticipated goal, and I can most definitely point clients in the right direction and work towards bringing their plans and ideas together.

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