What is your style for a small garden design?


It is not easy when faced with a variety of garden styles to plan one that suits your small garden plot.  If you have not planned a new garden layout before, it is even harder to imagine how it can be transformed into your own personal style and that of the house you live in.

The style of your home will probably already have influenced your choice of interior décor and furnishings; therefore, the same must be done for your garden. Remembering your garden, be it small or large, is an extension of your home and the way you live, therefore deciding on how you want to use your outside space is just as important.  This is where you might need the help of a Design Consultant, like myself who not only provides a service for the interior of your home, but the exterior area also.


  • Do you for instance enjoy entertaining outside?
  • What style of furnishings will you need: table, chairs, and barbeque?
  • Do you need space for children to play, or space for a small dog to run around in?
  • How much time or inclination do you have for tending plants?
  • Do you have green fingers and enjoy tending plants, or are you better suited to a garden that requires low maintenance?

These points, depending on the size of your plot, are just a few things to consider before making plans for your garden space.

The above garden photo shows a gazebo erected over a small patio area, with bougainvillea planted to grow and provide shade over the gazebo.   A selection of plants, grown for easy maintenance include: grevillia, eremophila, salvia, buddleia & coprosma.






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